Oxford Brookes University Information Session

Date & Time:: Sun, Feb 19, 2017 9:00 PM - 11:00 PM Singapore Time

Oxford Brookes University has scheduled a webinar on the above date & time to explain how the programme works, what you need to do to be eligible and how to prepare your Research and Analysis Project.

The session is suitable for students planning for the Period 34 (May 2017) and Period 25 (Nov 2017) submissions and hope you register at the below link and benefit from the session:

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How to Choose a Topic for the RAP?

Given the 20 topics (Information Pack - Section 7.b) most students find it difficult to choose a topic and the following pointers would help you on this for some extent:

  1. Information gathering:

    Certain topics require Primary data (Interviews & Questionnaires), while other topics could be either done using Secondary data (Internet Research / Library Research) or a combination of both.

    As the research should be based on an organisation, you need to consider the possibility of having access to the relevant source of information not only to proceed with the research and analysis but also taking in to consideration the ability to meet the assessment criteria.

  2. Specific requirements:

    Topic 8 & 15 requires the organisation to be chosen within the given Industry. Should you be planning for P35 (Nov 17), note that the Industry for T8 & 15 would be updated. In addition there are also probable changes for T17-CG and T20-CSR.

  3. Examiners’ Articles & Guidance:

    The Information Pack and Resubmission Guide, includes specific articles by examiners and moderators that provide specific guidance / clarifications on the expectations on certain topics. In addition, the examiners’ comments on failed projects would assist students to understand the Do’s and Don’ts clearly, where the compilation is available under the tutoring session material section.



Certain topics has the most failure so it should not be chosen

All topics are assessed based on the same set of assessment criteria (Information Pack – Appendix 1) and no exceptions to it.

I should avoid most chosen topics as they have a lower probability of passing

Topics to be chosen based on the factors stated above. All topics would have the same probability of passing given they are assessed on the same assessment criteria.

I should change the topic if I fail the project in my first attempt

There is no requirement to change the topic for resubmission unless the failure was related to a plagiarism and a requirement to change topic.

Generally submitting the same topic for resubmission would help you leverage from the experience from the earlier submission. However you may consult your Mentor on specific concerns you might have.

My Mentor would choose a topic for me!

The ownership of choosing a topic lies with you and not the Mentor.



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