P34 Submission

As the submission portal is open from 1 May to 17 May for P34 Submission, the following for your reference:

Update of Mentor Detail @ Submission Portal:

  1. Log in to the submission portal and check whether you are able to see all relevant screens in relation the upload – refer to below link

  2. Update submission portal with the mentors registered email address

Pre-submission Checks:

  1. Refer to the final checklist issued part of the session 3 lecture notes and ensure that you go through every point before submission

  2. Students looking at topic 8, to have the relevant financial statement extracts of the target and competitor organization for the 3 financial years in PDF form as part of appendices

  3. Recommended to check RR and SLS for plagiarism via writecheck and you may wish to sate the final similarity index in SLS as part of self reflection

  4. Ensure that review comments by the mentor have been addressed and the final version is discussed with your mentor

Post submission:

  1. Await auto response from OBU acknowledging your submission, which you would receive within 5min

  2. Drop your mentor an email with all final documents uploaded to OBU and await his/her response on the verification of your submission

Screenshots on the Submission Portal

Hope this helps and continue to work hard on your submission!